Longrun Colorsteel

Corrugated iron has been around forever and has had many style changes since birth. You can now have your roof laid in long sheets with no joints from top to bottom, Corrugate or 5 Rib style. ( ZR8 ) for houses 200 metres or more away from the water’s edge, ( ZM8 ) for houses close to the water not getting sea spray, MAXX colorcote which is great for near the water’s edge & ( AR8 ) Aluminium for all weather conditions. All steel roofs are now screwed on to stop all movement of the roof. There is a large colour range for corrugate & 5 Rib coloursteel roofs available.

roofman 1
Roofman Corrugate

roofman five rib photo
Roofman Five Rib

roofman rm900 photo
Roofman RM900 Commercial & Industrial